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Boy Scout Troop 465

I am an Eagle Scout from Boy Scout Troop 465 in Largo, Florida. I was the Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 465 for about 3 years, which makes it something of a baby that I like to think I helped grow during my tenure. Currently, my good friend Phil Pasek, who was my Quartermaster is serving as Senior Patrol Leader. I might add, that the term has been changed from 6 months to 1 year, and that there is now a 1 term limit, though. I guess that means I was either so good a leader that they felt a honor should be bestowed on me as the longest ever serving SPL, or that my head got so big by the time I turned 18 and stepped down that they're afraid some poor future SPL's could explode. Probably the latter! Currently, I am registered as an Assistant Scoutmaster in the Troop, and have actually attended several Troop activities from Miami. Following, are some stories regarding my experiences in Troop 465...this too shall grow!

The Bulletin Board Incident

My latest concern, which began as I was still SPL was securing our Troops bulletin board in our meeting hall. You see, we were promissed this new and bigger board for what must have been twenty years, and we finally got it a year ago. Unfortunately, though, I was told we must share it with the religous articles vendor people from the church. Share, ok....50-50! No way Josť, after I began the Troop's side, the religous vendor people put up these stupid cut-out carboard figuirines that covered not half, but two-thirds of the board. I would rearrange their stuff, and the Troop's so that we each had half of the board, but they would keep moving it back. So, as anyone who knows me realizes, I took action! What I did was, take some shiny silver aluminum tape, and divide the board with it. After about a month of cease-fire, I took down the tape, since it was pretty tacky. Wouldn't you know, next week the figuirines began their encroachment again. So, I'm back to rearranging!