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Christopher Ryan Bauer

Welcome! I'm Christopher Ryan Bauer, a 21 year old studying political science and sociology. Some day, I hope to practice some sort of law, and possibly get involved in campaign and government consulting. Currently, I work as a graphic artist for Tampa Bay Newspapers, Inc.  This page has finally been revised, to remain current with the course of events in my life. By popular demand, I have added new stuff, and deleted anything that may have offended friends of mine. For example, I will no longer write about transvestites who wear black lipstick and sing "I'm Too Sexy" while in the shower.

I'm a graduate of The Center for Advanced Technologies at Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. C.A.T. is a magnet school for mathematics, science, and technologies; and let me tell you, I'm pretty lucky to have graduated without blowing myself up (TOO MUCH!), being indicted for computer crimes, causing an international incident, or being relocated in to The Witness Protection Program (Or was I?).

I am very involved in the Scouting movement. I'm an Eagle Scout and Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 465. Also, I am a Vigil Honor member, and Founder's Award recepient of Timuquan Lodge 340, the Order of the Arrow Lodge for which I am currently the Publications Chairman. My Timuqua Vigil Name is Orobo Eqete Huque, or "Wise Acting Hurricane"

I serve as the Ecology/Conservation Director for the West Central Florida Council, and therefore spend most of my summers at Sand Hill Scout Reservation in Brooksville.  Also, I am currently the Post President for Explorer Post 989, the West Central Florida Council's summer camp staff post. On that note, attention Brian Ferber, Camp Director (my boss)...does this car look familiar?
Sorry we had to blue-out the bodies to protect the was received by an anonymous source, and I'm sure you've seen it "floating around" the web!

So, take a look around, see why the Irish Rule, find out what a "Dark Sucker" is, learn to speak Geekonics and pay homage to Jimmy Buffett.  Then, leave me a message in my guestbook so I'll know you've been truly enlightened.  Okey Dokey?