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Check Out Some of My Favorite Links

Boy Scout Troop 465 - My home Troop in Largo, Florida

Timuquan Lodge 340 - My Order of the Arrow Lodge

Sand Hill Scout Reservation - Where I Spend My Summers

Boy Scouts of America - The OFFICIAL Boy Scouts of America Homepage

Order of the Arrow in Cyberspace - The NOT SO OFFICIAL O.A. Homepage

The Scouting Jumpstation - For a Look at International Scouting

The Center for Advanced Technologies - My alma mater

The University of Miami - My New alma mater

Republican Mainstreet - The RIGHT Choice!

Stacy Keene - A Wild and Crazy gal

Peter Howdeshell - Well, just check it out for yourself!

Albert Gross - A Wild and Crazy Guy

David Edelstein - "The Speed Zone"

Charles Edward Jacobson, IV - Sung to:"John Jacob Jinglehimer Schmit"

Lucas Hundley - Give him a big kiss!

Eric Cupps - A good Scouting buddy of mine!